Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh, a Sailor's Life for Me!

Sailing, sailing...fa la la la la la. How does that song go? Well anyway, I also love to get out on the water. Ever since our 3 day sailing tour around the Whitsunday Islands ( - the most gorgeous beaches you'll ever see, I swear), I jump on any opportunity that I get to get out there on a sailboat. One key thing to enjoying LA - find someone with a fast as you can. And I am proud to report that I have successfully accomplished this task. One of my dad's best friends from growing up has a 30 foot Catalina, and we took it out from Marina Del Ray yesterday afternoon. A bit chilly, but I got that thing up to 6.8-knots!

So here is a great story about sailing. Yesterday, getting off the boat, I totally dropped my keys in the Marina. I'm talking the keys to my apartment, car, office, house in Florida - the whole nine yards. So we created this long expandable pole to try to fish them out of the water (I'm not going to lie, it kinda looked like my 7th grade invention convention project, that won 3rd place - the golf ball retriever turned into a window washer). We tried and tried to get the keys with our duct-taped pole, but no dice. So, instead, we had to have a dive team come out to fish up the keys. Who drops their keys in the Marina off of a sailboat? And who has to get a dive team to come to the rescue? The funny thing is that I could not stop laughing, because this would only happen to me. Especially after last week, when I found out that my apartment had bed bugs. Nope, not joking, wish that I was...but don't worry, they are hopefully gone now. Only me, I swear. What's next?

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