Thursday, January 25, 2007

CAA has Arrived

Construction workers have tirelessly been putting up a new building across from us at work, and it's finally finished - and it's gorgeous. It homes CAA, among other reputable companies. What is CAA? Creative Artists Agency (, one of the most respected talent agencies in the world. And what does that mean for us? Celeb sightings galore - as well as having to deal with all of the agents, who like Ari Gold, are amusing just to watch. Our first celeb sighting happened yesterday, when Kevin Federline was hanging out in the lobby of our building. Funny, last time I saw him, his life was still in one piece. Poor guy. But, I'm telling you, he looked really good. He must have a new personal stylist because he was in a really nice blazer and didn't look so white trash. He certainly looked a lot better than Britney has in the tabloids lately.

I'm sure that we're now bound to see a lot more people with the opening of the new building, so as always, I'll keep ya posted!

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