Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Town is Off its Rocker!

Why? Because of the Emmy's of course! Streets are closed, businesses are shut down for the weekend, and booze is flowing like Niagara Falls. It's an exciting time to be in the City of Angels, and I only hope that Grey's Anatomy comes home with at least one win for winning my heart this year.

I can't wait until People and Entertainment Tonight come out tomorrow to tell us who was dressed best, and who looked like a total nightmare. I personally thought that Sandra Oh looked atrocious, and that Jeremy Piven looked adorable.

Any guesses before the final verdict comes in from the fashion police tomorrow?

In-N-Out Burger

The West Coast has a hidden gem that most people probably take for granted. Sure they have beautiful beaches, infamous wineries, and lush state parks. But they also have In-N-Out Burger. If you have never visited California, I suggest the one thing that you do while visiting is to stop here for the experience. It is the epitome of 'bang for your buck' and I love it. That guy from Super Size me should try to eat In-N-Out for 30 days. Although I'm sure that some of the same health risks would be the same, I don't think that there would be any complaining.

Bands to Check Out

My roommate took me to Molly Malone's this past week to check out 2 new bands. They rocked, and you should check them out:

Slow Car Crash:

The Steve Carson Band:

Retreat from City Life

Traffic. Smog. Star Maps. These are all things that LA is known for among natives and visitors alike. Most people forget though, that the hills surrounding this great city are filled with hiking trails to escape from the hussle & bussle of daily life. This weekend, I visited Runyon Canyon Park, which was a great little trail that leads you to awesome views of the city. Things like this not only clear your head and get your heart going, but put things into perspective. And really, even from that high up - I still couldn't see the smog! I guess LaLa Land isn't so bad after all.

If you are ever in the Hollywood area, and are looking for a great outdoor activity, I would recommend checking these trails out. And you might even recognize the park bench at the top of the trail from an episode from Seinfeld! Here is the link to learn more about Runyon Canyon Park:

Sightings and Celeb Scoop


Paris and Nicky Hilton at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel in West Hollywood. When arriving at the hotel, with Paris driving, the duo was BLASTING "Stars are Blind." Did it just happen to be on the radio at that moment? I'm not so sure, but seemed like self-promotion to me.

If you check out Paris' stats, it says that she's 5'8", but I think 5'8" only with 4 inch heels... Seriously. But they both looked great in person, I will vouch for that.

Most Embarrassing Moment?

Have you ever been forced to answer the question "what was your most embarrassing moment?" I feel like this is something that is usually asked in a really annoying ice breaker activity. Until last weekend, I really don't know how I would answer that question. As I promised to report though, I absolutely humiliated myself at a wedding rehearsal last weekend during my bridesmaid duties. Luckily, when doing so, only one person saw - but I figured that it makes for a funny story.

Here's the scene - in the heart of Washington DC, in the land of preppie, I decided to dress accordingly in white pants, a white tank top, and a sear-sucker striped blazer. During the church rehearsal, I thought that it would be best to keep the blazer buttoned completely to the top- as it seemed like the right thing to do in a very established cathedral. To everyone's disdain, the church was getting hotter and hotter.... so as the events were ending, I decided that the blazer had to come off. As I unbuttoned my blazer though, I hadn't realized that my tank top underneath had fallen down to my waist!

That's right everyone - In the National Catholic Cathedral, the very same church were JFK was laid to rest, I flashed God. Luckily, since it was by accident, he openly forgave me. Please note that I posted a lovely picture of the bride and groom here instead to divert your attention from my embarrassing tale.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Always a Bridesmaid!

I am in 3 weddings this year, which keeps me very busy. I am always the bridesmaid that you do not want to rely on for important things. I'm not really ashamed to admit this. I send gifts from Hustler in lieu of pretty cards with white pansies on it. I always try to be good in this role, but weddings are not yet my forte. For those of you that need help like myself, check out this website:

Bridesmaid appearance #2 is coming up this weekend. Location: our very own Capital, Washington DC. Republicans and Democrats alike will be fighting for my attention on the dance floor! I'm sure that I will have a lot of hilarious stories upon my return, so sit tight until then and continue to enjoy the best month of the year!

Happy Birthday to me.

27. It does sound a lot older. But I am definitely ready for it. And I love the fact that I asked a number of people out last weekend how old they thought I was, and the oldest response that I got was 24. I love birthdays - not only for the attention, but because I always sit down and really think about the things that have happened in my life the prior year.

This year was a fantastic one - I graduated from an Ivy League school, found a great job, ran a ten-mile race, moved across the country, Penn State won the Orange Bowl, The Steelers won the superbowl....I LOVED 26. So many accomplishments. But I am even more excited for 27. I don't know why, but I think that good things are going to happen. I can just feel it.

Why do I avoid Blogging?

Because I would much rather be doing this! We have decided that we officially have the best pool in LA. It's always the perfect temperature, regardless of whether you pop in before work or at night after a long day's work. Equipped with a BBQ and sound system, it's our new best friend. The favorite thing about our apartment though is the view from our roof. I actually haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but will do so soon. It is totally makeout central.

The Movers Finally Came!

But half of my things were either broken or stolen. Note to everyone: NEVER EVER use a moving service from a google search, and always take out extra insurance to cover lost or damaged items. Your stuff will show up looking like this - and your movers will be aggressive ex-cons who try to bribe you for every penny that you are worth.

Surf Fest

In Manhattan Beach 2 weeks ago, the annual 6-man volleyball tournament was held. The rule of thumb is that each team dress up in costume and play volleyball all day long - some teams prove to be competitive, others very drunk. I have absolutely no idea who won the tournament, but I really hope that it was these guys...

I know, I know...

My apologies to those that check this regularly - I've been really bad lately about keeping up the blog. What can I say? I'm just having too much fun I guess...