Thursday, January 25, 2007

CAA has Arrived

Construction workers have tirelessly been putting up a new building across from us at work, and it's finally finished - and it's gorgeous. It homes CAA, among other reputable companies. What is CAA? Creative Artists Agency (, one of the most respected talent agencies in the world. And what does that mean for us? Celeb sightings galore - as well as having to deal with all of the agents, who like Ari Gold, are amusing just to watch. Our first celeb sighting happened yesterday, when Kevin Federline was hanging out in the lobby of our building. Funny, last time I saw him, his life was still in one piece. Poor guy. But, I'm telling you, he looked really good. He must have a new personal stylist because he was in a really nice blazer and didn't look so white trash. He certainly looked a lot better than Britney has in the tabloids lately.

I'm sure that we're now bound to see a lot more people with the opening of the new building, so as always, I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, January 22, 2007

What Will Jack Do Next?

The new season of 24 has started, which means for many (like myself), Monday nights have been taken over by FOX. I think that this is the last season of 24, right? So that being said, I have to ask - what is Jack Bauer capable of this season? I mean, in the 2 hour season opener, he BIT out some dude's jugular vein in order to kill him. I didn't think that they would go that far. And are they going to kill Jack off this season? I say yes. "He just can't take it anymore." Uhhhhh. what a wuss. Maybe Jack should have an affair with Chloe. Or maybe Chloe should have an affair with that guy that somehow made the transition from The OC to 24... hmmm. What do ya'll think? I think that we should generate a list of TOP TEN THINGS THAT WILL HAPPEN ON 24 THIS YEAR. But I'm not going to do it alone, so add some things and we'll put a list together! It's already episode 4, so we have to hurry!

Set Yo TiVo

Tomorrow is the BIG day. TPIR - Adam is going to be famous. Set Your TiVo for 11am. Bob Barker will not be disappointed!

Oh, a Sailor's Life for Me!

Sailing, sailing...fa la la la la la. How does that song go? Well anyway, I also love to get out on the water. Ever since our 3 day sailing tour around the Whitsunday Islands ( - the most gorgeous beaches you'll ever see, I swear), I jump on any opportunity that I get to get out there on a sailboat. One key thing to enjoying LA - find someone with a fast as you can. And I am proud to report that I have successfully accomplished this task. One of my dad's best friends from growing up has a 30 foot Catalina, and we took it out from Marina Del Ray yesterday afternoon. A bit chilly, but I got that thing up to 6.8-knots!

So here is a great story about sailing. Yesterday, getting off the boat, I totally dropped my keys in the Marina. I'm talking the keys to my apartment, car, office, house in Florida - the whole nine yards. So we created this long expandable pole to try to fish them out of the water (I'm not going to lie, it kinda looked like my 7th grade invention convention project, that won 3rd place - the golf ball retriever turned into a window washer). We tried and tried to get the keys with our duct-taped pole, but no dice. So, instead, we had to have a dive team come out to fish up the keys. Who drops their keys in the Marina off of a sailboat? And who has to get a dive team to come to the rescue? The funny thing is that I could not stop laughing, because this would only happen to me. Especially after last week, when I found out that my apartment had bed bugs. Nope, not joking, wish that I was...but don't worry, they are hopefully gone now. Only me, I swear. What's next?

Karaoke, LaLa Style

Whenever looking for something new to do on a Friday night, what better option is there other than... you guessed it...Karaoke. I am a horrific singer, but I love Karaoke. Especially after 4 beers. And I had my first Karaoke experience this past weekend on the West Coast. Let me tell you something - Karaoke in LA is an absolute life-changing experience. I mean, these people are all aspiring singers, I swear. They were GOOD. As much as I wanted to get up there and sing 'Sexbomb' by Tom Jones, I could not bring myself to do it. This was no Last Cowboy scene in State College. There was a young Asian couple that did a ridiculously awesome version of 'Baby Got Back,' so I just have to muster up enough balls to get up there next time and completely make an ass out of myself. Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I love Sudoku puzzles. They are such a great way to kill time, and keep the brain cells (that haven't been impacted by toxic substances) alive and kicking! So if you like them too, or haven't tried them yet, check out this interactive website that you can work on throughout the day in free time. There is even an "Evil" option if you dare!

Don't worry, it's not alive!

By the way, San Francisco was fun. You can tell from the above picture, which was taken during our work scavenger hunt throughout the city. Ahhh, team building!! And I am in the beginning stages of planning a Route 1 trip for March with 2 friends, so if anyone has done it and has any great ideas, please let me know. We welcome suggestions!!

Bizarro World

I wanted a white Christmas - and I didn't get it. I was disappointed, devastated even that I wouldn't see snow this year. And then something really bizarre happened...

You know, I moved here to be warm. To enjoy the sunshine, to love the beaches. But it's snowing in LA - even in Malibu. Orange trees are frozen over. The PCH was closed yesterday, people are FREAKING out, big time. It's hilarious. (It's the complete opposite of Salt Lake City, where in the winter, it snows 5 feet, and everyone still goes to work). I'm convinced that when it's warmer in Pittsburgh than it is in LA, that the world is going to end soon. So enjoy it while you can.

And did you know that you can see ridiculous snow-capped mountains from most places in LA? I didn't... I had no idea. It's pretty cool. You can be standing next to a palm tree, and look out into the distance to see snow on mountains that are just screaming for you to plan that ski trip you keep talking about. I guess LA in the winter time is full of surprises - at least for me anyway. Oh, LALA, what's in store next???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

NoCal Round 2

Well, it's back to San Francisco for the weekend - TPT style. I'm heading North for the second time since my move out West, and can't wait to have a fun-filled weekend at the expense of my company. It's getting pretty cold up there right now, so I'm hoping that it might snow since I didn't see any at home. Highly unlikely though. These "sales meeting" weekends, sponsored by work end up being the most lethal combination of events ever imaginable. Meetings, drinking, meetings, drinking, meetings, drinking, meetings, drinking - it's been reported that some people never even sleep. So wish me luck - I'm likely to be an exhausted girl come Monday morning!


The Irresistible entry was officially deleted because I was told that it was controversial and offensive. Yikes. I hope that people know that I'm a super sarcastic writer and never to take me seriously. Taking things too seriously can age years of your life, so I highly advise against it.

A la izquierda a la izquierda, todo que posees en la caja a la izquierda!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some Dirt

The thing that happens when you start to live in a city, is that you notice and pay more attention to the television shows that focus on them. This year, 2 new shows came out about LA - MTV's twentyfourseven and FX's Dirt. I watched twentyfourseven for about ten minutes one day, and it was possibly the worst ten minutes of my life. Horrible, and that's probably giving it justice. Thank goodness that The Hills will be back on soon, and we'll get to see how LC spent her summer. I had pretty high expectations for Dirt, and so far, I'm having a hard time deciding if I like it or not. Like any other FX drama, it holds your attention, so I guess they are doing something right. But I'm just curious - has anyone else seen the first 2 episodes? What do you think?

For Your Consideration

Well, the holidays are officially over. I managed to go out every night for the past week just to pretend that they weren't. But it's back to reality - back to sunshine, sunglasses and 80 degree weather. Since my return, I've noticed something funny about the town of Los Angeles. Billboards have gone up all over town reading "For Your Consideration" above a movie poster of various films that have been released throughout the past year. Coincidentally, I just learned that there is actually a movie out right now with the same title. I haven't seen it yet, but am now really intrigued, because the entire notion of these advertisements completely baffle me. My entire life, I figured that winners at the Golden Globes and the Oscars were chosen internally by a selective and qualified committee of individuals. I guess they still are, but are the motion picture studios REALLY advertising and trying to sell these people on their films? I mean, is direct advertising on the Sunset Strip impacting these decisions? And are there that many people voting that it requires getting a $50,000 billboard? Apparently, there is and if anyone knows anything about how this all works, I'd love to know.