Friday, March 23, 2007

Greetings from the Pacific Coast Highway

Even the best of bloggers need a vacation, and I plan to take one next week. I'll be heading out for another adventure along California's great roads - stops will include Napa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterrey, Big Sur, and Pismo Beach among others. Although I won't be writing on my blog all of next week, I do promise some great pictures and stories upon our return!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Many nights, whether it be at the Jersey shore or out at a bar with friends, you find yourself so-called rating people. "9, that turns into a 3 when drunk" is a common label that I give to many of my guy friends.

We all know that there have been many debates about where you or I fall on the HOT scale, and someone is finally making bank by exploiting the idea. Why on earth did we not think of this sooner? (Members of The Barn '05, take note). Check out what is behind this new site,

This particular online dating site believes that not enough dating sites have actual good looking people on them. The creators believe that typically, they draw lonely and desperate people. For this site, you must submit 3 photos (one must be a full body shot) and then already existing members will rate you. You MUST be rated an 8 or higher in order to get membership, and then you can date freely for only $9.95/month. Shallow? Yes! Do we love it? Yes!!

You better believe that I am trying this out. I've heard all of my friends ratings (from looks to personality), but now let's ask the public who doesn't care about personality one bit! I will certainly keep you posted and let you know if I am HotEnough.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Sites to Check Out

There are so many websites out there, but I thought that I would talk today about a few of my favorites (other than celebrity blogs of course). So check these out if you are bored on the days that I don't blog: (or if you are a Manhattanite) Best food/restaurant blog out there, a Zagat's online if you will, only a bit more critical. Check out your local chapter if you want to do something active and good for the planet! Love it (thanks BB!) Take a look to see how your daily habits are really impacting your lifespan. Take the free test. Really, it's shocking! A site great for business networking. If you are looking for a challenge...or just to finally put that New Year's Resolution into action (never too late!)

and last but not least, -- the Wall Street Journal of Hollywood.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Crazy Naked Lady

On Friends, they had The Ugly Neighbor Guy. For us, we have The Crazy Naked Porn Lady. One of our neighbors (one floor up, directly caddy-corner from our apartment) in our West Hollywood/Sunset Strip neighborhood, lays out every Sunday morning completely naked on her nearby balcony. At first we though "well, maybe she doesn't realize that we can see her..." No, she KNOWS. I've come to the conclusion that she's a total exhibitionist. And she has the biggest fake boobs that I've ever seen. She seriously looks like she's going to tip over. The weirdest part about it though, is that sometimes, this little guy in a speedo comes out on the balcony as well, and starts taking pictures of her with the downtown LA landscape in the background. I think it's her boyfriend....? Maybe they are European? I dunno, but I can't decide if it's hilarious or completely offensive. Since sharing this story, I have obviously had multiple requests for early Sunday morning visits from all of my guy friends ;) And the answer is no, unless you want to make me breakfast in bed.

Sorry, no pictures for this post- Cmorg does not need to get sued.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Secret (con't)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I actually did watch the DVD for The Secret. It was a bit different than what I expected, and very much along the lines of self-help. Seemed like a lot of Christian Science propaganda to me, but I guess I'll make the bold statement and say that I think that it's worthwhile to see. I will probably only take about 30% of what they were saying and apply it to my life. (I actually did like the idea of the gratitude rock a lot). I'm extremely cynical/critical of what people have to say, and this is certainly a good example. I think that The Secret is probably great for people that have never had any sort of belief system implemented in their life before. I, on the other hand, attended Catholic school until 7th grade and grew up in a family with a huge belief system. So I think at this point in my life, I'm pretty much grounded and have figured out what works for me and what doesn't. Some of the people though are completely nutty though on this video. So I say, watch it for that (to get a laugh here and there) and apply what works for you to your daily life.

They're BACK.

Remember those friendship pins that we all put on our tennis shoes in the 80's? Well, I have decided to bring them back...that's right, a major comeback is about to happen right before your eyes. I think that they would look great on all the Converse sneakers that I see everywhere now-a-days. So, I'm starting a side business. Yes, I realize that this side business will likely only earn me enough to buy a small meal, but I don't care. If you would like your own friendship pin (or set!), please send $1 for each pin along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to me. I will in turn make you a lovely friendship pin that contains all sorts of different colored beads that depict how I feel about you. Speaking of which, does anyone remember what the colors mean? Because I was in a heated discussion over the weekend about it, and I can't seem to find any information about this online. Please help give feedback if you can-- the project is about to go underway shortly and I am going to have to make up meanings for each color otherwise! (Although I'm sure that the meanings that I choose will be much funnier...)

Monday, March 05, 2007

100th Post!!!!!!!

Today is a celebration like no other. This is Adventures in LaLaLand's 100TH POST! Can you believe it? The fact that I've actually written 100 of these things? I was shocked beyond belief!

Since it's a milestone, I guess I should use it as a time to reflect...(since you all are always asking me serious questions about LA as well). So here goes...I have come to the conclusion that moving to LA is the best decision that I've ever made. I've made a lot of big decisions in my past, so this was a tough choice. And it's not necessarily because of what Los Angeles has to offer, but because of the person that it's made me become. I think that having a large group of friends and loving family on the East Coast is a huge blessing, and it was really hard to leave everyone. But at the same time, I think that it's very important to step out of your element at some point in your life to re-evaluate what it's like to be on your own and find out again who you really are as an individual. Sometimes you can get caught up in some of the societal nonsense and lose sight of that if you aren't careful. LA has given me that opportunity. Stripped of my close friends and family, struggling to keep things positive at my job, and forced into very new situations on a constant basis -- it's not always easy. But I think that everyone should do something like this once in their life. I've learned more about myself as an individual in the past 8 months than I have in a long time. I think that I've grown up a lot too. So I recommend taking a break from whatever you do on a daily basis, and even if it's just for a couple of weeks, get out there on your own for a little while to figure out YOU. Take a trip to Europe or Asia, or even the beach for the weekend if that's all that you can manage -- just make sure to take that time. Because it's important, and helps you to realize what is truly meaningful in your life. Some things might even surprise you. (Trust me on this).

So that being said, LaLa has been a good thing. And it still is a good thing. And I can't believe that I've posted 100 blogs. Seriously?!?! And of course I will continue to bring you all the updates as things further unravel in the upcoming months.
Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Secret

The Secret is all the rage. Have you heard about it yet? It's legacy is spreading faster than the Whole Foods chains. First it was a movie... and now a book... and then Oprah made it outrageously popular on 2 of her recent shows. It's all centered around the idea that like attracts like and about the Law of Attraction. I have yet to see the film or read the book (I don't even think it's possible to get a copy of it at this point they are flying off the shelves so fast!), but I may try to see the DVD portion this upcoming weekend. For those of you that aren't familiar, you can click on the below link to help better understand it:

Has anyone seen the DVD or read the book? Will you please let me know if so?

By the way -- I changed the settings on the blog so that now it should be much easier to leave comments. I am always asking you people for feedback, and no one ever does anymore! Does anyone even still read this thing??? Or am I just writing for shits-and-giggles?