Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Ashley Simpson caught in traffic on Sunset Boulevard. She was with a friend in a run-down Honda. Note to celebs: if you want to stay on the DL, go out in a regular car as opposed to your usual digs. I hardly noticed her in the passenger seat, but she seemed to be having fun laughing and singing a lot.

I was hoping that she would be with that eyeliner-wearing freak show of a boyfriend though. I would just really like to see that in person!

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Natasha Richardson on the Pacific Beach Pier with two boys in San Diego this past weekend. She had a short, cute hair cut and looked like she was taking a well-deserved break from Hollywood. They were standing outside of one of those really quaint houses that you can actually rent for the night on the pier. Maybe a weekend family vacation? Seemed sort of strange though since Pacific Beach is one of the craziest (booze allowed on beach) surf scenes and was just below.

That Hollywood Sign

Did you know that it is possible to change the Hollywood sign? It was only done once, by FOX, when the studio first opened. They changed HOLLYWOOD to read FOX for two weeks. The amount has not been disclosed as to how much it costs to do this, but it must cost a fortune.

Also, individual members of Hollywood own the letters in the HOLLYWOOD sign. The letters were originally purchased for $27,000. Can you guess who owns the H? It's none other than Hugh Hefner.

They have arrived!

Well, it's the talk of the town. David, Victoria, and the rest of the Beckham's have finally arrived. Here is what we know far after their recent arrival to LA. The party to be at this past Sunday was held for the Beckham's by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Invitations were sent out on red velvet invitations with gold lettering. If you were not invited, it means that you are falling quickly on the social ladder. Also, inside reports have revealed that Paris Hilton extended a warm invitation to Posh to start a friendship over lunch. Victoria declined.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goya's Ghosts

OK, well Yosemite was a bit EXTREME to say the least. We hiked on Saturday for 7 hours, about the equivalent to 15 miles. 5 of those miles were completely vertical. This was the decision of the other people that I was with, and I was pretty much just along for the ride. I would say that at least 10 times during this particular hike, the words "hell.....HELL!!!" were running through my head. The weekend was worth it though, and I sent out pictures to most of you showing the spectacular views and sights.

On another note, below is a link to a film that I saw last month. My editor chopped this down from 400 words to 130 words, which I'm not happy about, but I guess they needed the space for advertising. Figures. This film was good, but I would wait until it comes out on DVD to see it:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Destination: Yosemite

This weekend, I'll be taking a 3 day trip to Yosemite to camp out with friends and escape city life. This is something that I've been waiting for since day one in LA, so I'm really excited for this adventure. I'm actually on assignment too, as I'll be writing an article about visiting Yosemite and talking about all it has to offer for visitors: the best places to check out in the park, eat, drink, hike, etc.

That being said, there will be much more to come about this trip. But in the meantime, here is a lovely picture just to tease you with how I'll be spending my weekend.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

To Me! It's been exactly one whole year since I arrived in Los Angeles. And what a year it has been (please see prior months if you are just tuning in...)

365 of the best days of my life, wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

And see, it does snow in the mountains. Check it out in the picture above.

Pasadena, The Rose Bowl, and The World's Greatest Flea Market

This week, I made two trips out to Pasadena. Whoa, what took me so long?!? That place is fantastic. Old Town has a lot of character, and today I went to the huge Flea Market that is held once a month at the Rose Bowl. This is by far one of the country's hidden gems. This Flea Market was unreal. I love old, antique furniture and I was in heaven. I bought two great pieces, as well as some discounted clothing -- but I could have spent so much more money! If ever in LA on the second Sunday of the month, you must do this!!!

Hopefully, the next time I visit the Rose Bowl, Penn State will be there :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Destination: San Diego

Well, it only took me a year, but I finally made it down to San Diego. It's my second visit now to the 'little' city in California, and I just can't say enough about it. It's such a low-key, down to earth city -- very much my style. Downtown is blowing up right now in the gas lamp district, and nothing beats bonfires on the beach in PB. I had so much fun, I might even go back this upcoming weekend!