Monday, July 24, 2006

My neighborhood is FULL of Gay Men

So much, in fact, that when I googled "West Hollywood" under images on Google - this is the first picture that comes up. Don't believe me? Try it yourself.

Some Random Thoughts

I was really happy to see that people had posted comments - SO EXCITING! As a result, I figure that I'll just start to post random thoughts that I have...normally, I would pick up the phone and call someone to ask their opinion, but this time difference is really becoming a pain in the ass. Oh you're sleeping, huh? Whatever.

Has anyone heard the new Justin Timberlake song? And is he singing through the same instrument that Ted Nugent uses for his guitar???

I have waited so long for the JT comeback, and I must say that I'm disappointed. Am I the only one? Or will this song grow on me like the change that Nelly Furtado just threw to us only a couple of months ago. (I mean really, she went from flying like bird to promiscuous all in the span of time that it had for her to have a baby - makes total sense). Back to Justin - if that song is a reflection of what's going on in his life, he needs to dump Cameron immediately.

The Coffee Bean is so much better than Starbucks. Seriously, if a coffee shop is going to take over the world, it should be The Coffee Bean. As BB also said, it's known for it's celeb sitings, which makes the coffee taste even better. I would completely be up for opening one of their franchises somewhere on the East Coast as a tentative plan to get rich. If anyone has any interest, please let me know - it would have to be a joint venture with a few key people.

My movers have still not yet arrived with my stuff. It has been 23 days since they picked it up. Just think about that for a minute.....

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This is Where I Spend 50-60 hours per Week...

I work in the building on the right. 9th floor. The famous "twin towers" of century city. Soon, we are going to have a view of the new CAA private screening deck (once construction is completed on the building in front of us). What does this translate into? Once it's finished in October, MANY CELEBRITY SITINGS. Speaking of which, the only celebrity that I have seen thus far is Jeri Ryan (who is hideous in person - definitely a 5, not a 9). I am quite jealous though, because our SVP was visiting last week, and he walked right into an Entourage shoot after leaving a restaurant on Beverly Blvd. God I love that show, I wish that it could have been me. Good news though - Jeremy Piven is not that short in person - he said probably about 6 foot tall.

Here is a nice little write up about Century City for those of you that like this kind of stuff. By the way, work is still FABULOUS...
In the heart of West Los Angeles lies a thriving mini-metropolis: a self-contained "city within a city" where residents and visitors can find accommodations, fine dining, entertainment, recreation, and business services of every description. This 176-acre commercial and residential district is called Century City, one of the country's original "edge cities" (although it has always been a part of the city of Los Angeles), and it is home to some of the best and the brightest attractions that L.A. has to offer. With a 50th anniversary coming up, Century City has become recognized as a prestigious address for businesses, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and luxury condominium living. A major advantage to living and working in Century City is its proximity to Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and other important areas of greater Los Angeles. But you don't have to travel far to find just what you need right here in Century City. Its Westfield-owned shopping mall is one of the major retail centers in all of Southern California. Corporations from almost every industry, including many law firms and executives (particularly those with ties to the film, television, and music industries), have offices in Century City, which has become world-renowned as a professional commercial center. Some 2,500 businesses — such as banks, money managers, accounting companies, real estate firms, doctors, and travel agencies, just to name a few — make Century City their home. One of the great benefits of locating a business in Century City is the convenience of working closely to so many other related companies and services.

So What Have I Been Doing?

Cmorg, what have you been doing? Where have you hung out? Now let's remember everyone that I've only been in LA for 2 weeks. But some highlights are listed below...

I am lucky enough to have a few friends out here that "are in the business," including the one and only Julia Lillis. For those of you that don't know Julia (we know her as Julie), don't worry - you soon will because one of her scripts is likely to go blockbuster in the very near future. She is a Naval Academy alum who decided to take her experiences and try out the world of comedy. Last week, Julie hosted a show on Friday night at the one and only Comedy Store (right in our neighborhood). We had a blast hanging out with veteran comedians, and I will say that I thought Julie was one of the funniest people there. I mean really, when do the Erie jokes ever get old? Mistake on the Lake? Dreary Erie? (But seriously, the stuff that was hysterical is obviously way too inappropriate to post in a public space).

I was also lucky enough to check out my roommates cover band, The Alabama Slammers. Let me tell you - Mr. Greengenes and The NERDS could have some SERIOUS competition if these guys were on the East Coast. I was very impressed and had no idea that I was living with such a talented person. The great thing about this band is that they cover everything from Skynard to Snoop Dogg. My favorite was definitely Gin and Juice.

I'll post a picture of the band as soon as myspace recovers from the ANNOYING power outage that has shut down it's entire network. (By the way Tom, it's your time to be a hero instead of just a know it all).

I also hung out all weekend in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. Both towns are equally likeable, but Manhattan Beach hosts all of the HOT surfers and volleyball players, so obviously I liked it a lot more. The only thing that I didn't like about my beach weekend was sitting on the 405 Saturday morning trying to get there.

Just Call Me Pablo.

I needed to post this, particularly for T-Bomb, who loves to keep up with my painting escapades. I'm happy to report that my bedroom turned out a wonderful shade of taupe which is very appealing to the eye. My bathroom, on the other hand, looks like a smurf came in and threw up all over the place. I'm trying to do the "wait a week to see if I like it" but every time that I try to get ready in my bathroom in the morning, the blue background reflected behind me makes me look like I'm an actress in front of one of those blue stunt screens that they use on movie sets. I'm just waiting for ropes to lift me up so that I can pretend like I am flying and doing flips. I have a feeling that the blue may not last, but I'm going to give it a shot at least for a few laughs over the next couple of weeks.


Dear Bloggers - my apologies for getting you so excited to read my blog, and then disappear like that! Apparently, "stealing the internet" is a bad idea and gives your computer a ton of viruses. Thank goodness for the geek squad at Best Buy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's not about the destination, but the journey.

Remember, blogs read from top to bottom! But if you don't want to miss out on anything, you should always start at the bottom :)

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my adventures in LA- and don't worry, this will obviously include any first hand celebrity gossip! Take care from LaLaLand.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Well we did it, and made it to LA in one piece.

The MINI was in his glory!

  • Is this not the best picture of Coop you've ever seen?

National Parks

We had the pleasure of visiting 3 Major National Parks on our trip. Each were pretty cool, but I would have to say that Grand Teton National Park by far surpasses the others. I had heard that Wyoming was incredibly beautiful, but really had no idea. It could really compete with New Zealand.

What is the Corn Palace you may ask?

Yes, we visited the largest corn palace in the world. They even host concerts for Lee Ann Rhimes in this thing...

Highlights from the Drive

Places that we hated:
- Ojai, CA
- Elko, NV (this place stinks, literally like dead flowers)
-and of course Ohio, especially when Patti tried to take a picture of the state sign, and mistakenly took a picture of a wholesale fireworks store because she was nervous- this made her feel like a complete failure.

Places/Things that we loved:
- the license plate game (we got every state except Hawaii and New Hampshire!)
- the hotels in Wisconsin that have water parks attached to them that let you take the slides from floor to floor, you must see this to believe it
- The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, and not only because we ran into Amanda Kane's 7th grade boyfriend there!
- Route 33 outside of Santa Barbara; something we would do once, but never again.
- MASH (thank god I'm marrying Paul Walker!)

Happy Birthday USA!

My very good friend Patti offered to accompany me on my trek cross country. We had no idea what we had in store for us, but now that it's over, I can say that we LOVED every second of it, even that drive to Reno.

The route was as follows: Philadelphia > Pittsburgh > South Bend (Notre Dame) > Chicago > The Corn Palace > Wall, SD > Rapid City, SD > Keystone, SD > Casper, WY > Jackson Hole, WY > Grand Teton National Park > Yellowstone National Park > Idaho Falls, ID > Salt Lake City, UT > Reno, NV > Lake Tahoe > Santa Barbara > Los Angeles

LaLaLand or Bust!

And so it begins...

When leaving the East Coast last week, I promised many people that I would find a way to stay in touch. After co-regulation of last year's Manasquan beach house blog, I figured that this would be an easy and fun way to keep everyone informed of my updates. I also have to thank my good friend "BB" for inspiring me with her blog "Barefoot Bubblies" that she has been posting throughout the year. In no way will my blog compete with her hilarious comments on life, so I suggest that you check it out if you haven't already for some extra laughs and insight:

I arrived in LA 2 days ago, and cannot think of one bad thing yet to report, other than the fact that my movers have not even left the East Coast. So far LA has made a GREAT impression on me, much more so than I expected. The people out here are SO nice- although you would never think it just visiting because they all drive like complete maniacs. Everyone on the street says hello, people seem to be smiling a lot, hot bankers and lawyers hold the doors for me at work - it's all very foreign to me coming from a city where all I seemed to hear was a lot of car horns and people screaming at me on the phone everyday at work. Is it the sunshine? Who knows, and who really cares, right?

My apartment is AWESOME. I didn't think that I could top 1808 Addison Street, but although our place here isn't as big, I love it and wouldn't ask for anything else. 2 bedroom/2 bath- it resembles Melrose Place. Square apartment building with a courtyard and outdoor pool in the middle. My new roommate, Kristina, is wonderful. She is a singer/songwriter who comes from a long line of very talented musicians- her father being legendary guitar player Jerry Donahue (have you ever heard him play? If not, you should check out his album). You can check out Kristina's myspace profile here! to learn more about her! Work is also GREAT, and just the change that I needed. Let's just say that the Philly and LA offices are like night and day. My colleagues are wonderful and clients fabulous. For those of you that don't know, I'll be heading up the Advertising/ PR, Media, and Hospitality business out here (which includes territories of LA, Vegas, and Hawaii). Yesterday we met with a client who we plan to translate all of Sony's DVD covers into bilingual packaging. Ahhhh, Sony comes back to haunt me!

So far, so good. And now onto the cross country drive. All that I will say is that everyone should do this at least once in their lifetime. I was astounded by the things that good USA has to offer- I think that we tend to get caught up in what other countries have to offer us and can forget what is right in our own backyard. So instead of rambling, I'll move onto the trip (because I know that is what you are all waiting for!!!!)