Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bizarro World

I wanted a white Christmas - and I didn't get it. I was disappointed, devastated even that I wouldn't see snow this year. And then something really bizarre happened...

You know, I moved here to be warm. To enjoy the sunshine, to love the beaches. But it's snowing in LA - even in Malibu. Orange trees are frozen over. The PCH was closed yesterday, people are FREAKING out, big time. It's hilarious. (It's the complete opposite of Salt Lake City, where in the winter, it snows 5 feet, and everyone still goes to work). I'm convinced that when it's warmer in Pittsburgh than it is in LA, that the world is going to end soon. So enjoy it while you can.

And did you know that you can see ridiculous snow-capped mountains from most places in LA? I didn't... I had no idea. It's pretty cool. You can be standing next to a palm tree, and look out into the distance to see snow on mountains that are just screaming for you to plan that ski trip you keep talking about. I guess LA in the winter time is full of surprises - at least for me anyway. Oh, LALA, what's in store next???

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