Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This one is for My Meez.

I told RJK that he was my inspiration for this one - all those nights watching Entourage, and of course the summer with the viking helmet. One of the perks of living in LA: figuring out where the show is filmed, and then trying out the venues yourself (and writing about them). Life's tough, I know.

This new hot spot, Caffe Primo, is awesome. If ever in LA, please check it out. Here is the link to my review:


Well, I'm back. My trip back to the East Coast was a successful 10 day vacation (which actually felt like a month because I did more in 10 days then most people do in a month, I'm pooped). I can confidently say that it was one of the best weeks of my life. I know, it's a bold statement, but it's true. I got to hang out with my roommates from Sydney again, take over a karaoke bar in New York with 8 of my closest friends, spend mucho quality time with my entire family, and catch up with all of my high school friends.

And let's not forget that my 10 year high school reunion was also this past weekend, which I was in charge of helping to plan. We had no idea how it would turn out, but we counted over 100 people that showed up! My cousin-in-law (is that a real relationship?) told me that I should pretend to have all of these crazy professions when talking to people that I haven't seen in a while. He told everyone at his reunion that he was a male stripper. So I did tell one person that I moved out to LA to work in the porn industry, but as soon as I said it, I realized that this joking comment would somehow come back to humiliate my mother in a grocery store shopping line. So I decided that I better just shut up. And the truth of the matter is, that now I have one of the coolest jobs on the planet, so why lie about it, right?

"Family, Faith and Friends" -- one time a priest at my cousin's confirmation said that these are the only 3 things that are important in life. And now it's my family's cheesy motto. But this week, I realized it more than ever. That priest sure did know what he was talking about...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

So as I said in my last post, I had the chance to meet and talk with both Parker Posey and Hal Hartley. You know when you meet someone and think "wow, this person just has IT." You might not exactly know what IT is, but it's something. Parker Posey just has a certain aura around her that is magical. I found her to be a lot more laid back than I originally had thought she would be though...maybe because she's often played a neurotic character in some of my favorite films. She's super cool. After meeting her, I like her even more. And Hal Hartley, the writer and director of Fay Grim, was also a great guy. You can tell when speaking to him that he is a genius when it comes to making movies. He answered every question with intelligent remarks, and seemed truly interested in sharing his purpose behind the film. The entire day was such an awesome experience.

A Film Review and More

Congratulations Lisa and Aaron.
Girls night in the Big Apple.
Hooray for the grad! Shannon, I can't wait to welcome you to California, and I know that Stanford is pretty happy too.
Happy Birthday Dad.
And 10 years, really? The BHS Class of 97 reunion...Yikes.

There are so many reasons for my upcoming trip back to the East Coast. I leave tomorrow on a red eye, and can't wait. I feel it in my bones that this going to be one of the best weeks ever. Before I leave, I wanted to post two of my recent articles (published today) -- the first is my review of the film Fay Grim. Now, I not only got to go to a special press screening of the film last month at Raleigh Studios, but I also got to interview Parker Posey and Hal Hartley personally during a press junket. The private screenings are VIP, and the fact that I got up close and personal with one of my favorite actresses can't really be compared to anything else that I did at my last job. So read up, and if you can, check out this film. Parker Posey is great in it.

Here is the link to the review:

My second article this week is a synopsis of DVD releases that are scheduled to come out this summer. It's not too interesting, but will give you a quick review of what you have to look forward to on the days that it decides to rain. You can check it out here:

I had a comment in there about Sexual Chocolate and the gang from Coming to America, but I can see that my editor took it out. Boo.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Ideas

i just realized that I totally forgot to post this article!! I guess it's too late, but here are some ideas for Mother's Day next year:

Also, you can visit the website and click "download current issue" to actually see what the publication is like if you live outside of LA!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bobby: Rent It

One day, when I was home sick from grade school, I watched a special anniversary news report about the assassination of JFK. For whatever reason, from that point forward, I became obsessed (in a good way) with The Kennedy Family. I finally rented Bobby over the weekend, and if you have not yet seen this film, you should. It's an amazing tribute to American History, and to the man that had unmatched ambition to lead our country in a time of change. Watch this movie, LEARN, and love every second of it.

Some Random Sh*t

I feel like in the last couple of weeks, some really random things have popped into my mind -- so like that Ruminations guy, I didn't want to dedicate an entire posting to these thoughts, but just mention each one briefly. Here goes, some random stuff that I've been thinking about lately:

Why is it that when you get on an exercise bike, and bike an entire mile, you only burn 13 calories? Seriously, I watched it today. 1 mile at 95 RPM = 13 calories. And when you read Cosmo, it always says stupid stuff like "Kissing for 1 minute burns 25 calories. WOW." If this is true, then I would just be better off making out with people (snogging if you will, see July blog) instead of going to the gym? This sounds like a much better option to me.

When you live in LA, 3,500 miles away from home, it is NOT a good idea to ever leave that Nickelback song "Faraway" on the radio while in the car (particularly when stuck in traffic). Because before you realize it, all you can say to yourself is "Oh my god, I really am SO FAR AWAY." And then WCD hits hard, and you want to belt out the rock ballad in tears. Take note, nearby drivers do not want to see this! Just change the station immediately the next time you hear it.

I cannot just eat one of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I always want another one - can anyone just eat one? And here is another diet thought that I discussed with a friend last week: Since Weight Watchers figures in how much fiber is in a food, can you make something worth ZERO points by adding a ton of Benefiber to it? And why is it impossible to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Because this is what I've been trying to do before my 10 year high school reunion, and it just hasn't worked. Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Last time I was in Yoga class, the instructor kept saying "Just become one with your body. The process is about letting go of the thoughts in your mind, not thinking about the pain." But honestly, the thoughts running through my head at the time consisted of "Ouch....ouch....stupid instructor, way too hard...freaking downward dog, I hate you...that guy next to me is hot...not going to be able to walk tomorrow... wait, I think he's gay...OUCH." Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone? Am I the only person that is incapable of focusing in Yoga class? Because sometimes, I think so.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Los Angeles is ON FIRE.

Today is a really sad day here in LA. A huge section (they are estimating 1,000 acres) is on fire in Griffith Park. Homes have been burned down, everyone is evacuating the area, and it's totally scary. Driving home from work today, it literally looked like WAR was going on in the distance. It's pretty unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it before...

Aboe is a picture from the news reports - in the forefront is Griffith Observatory, one of LA's finest cultural institutions.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singing in the Car - Embrace it.

On the days that I teach, I end up spending about 40 minutes in the car to and from work. I actually don't mind it at all, because it gives me time to catch up on all of my phone calls and either wake up or unwind from the day. And I am well-known for my outrageously loud singing skills in the car anytime that a good song comes on the radio. On top of that, I have a horrible singing voice. Since starting my new commute, I've been caught so many times singing my head off in the car by total strangers next to me at a red light or on La Cienega. Obviously, the initial first reaction is to become embarrassed. But now, I've decided to embrace it and sing directly to the people watching. It makes for a really funny situation, trust me on this. I suggest this sociology lesson to everyone reading -- try it out and have fun with it.

To the black Acura at the corner of Washington, you weren't mistaken. I do wear my sunglasses at night.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

YAY Pittsburgh.

Congratulations to Pittburgh. It was ranked #1 as the "most livable" city in the United States. Those of us that know it well aren't surprised at all. And, I love this quote -- it's so true:

"If Pittsburgh were situated somewhere in the heart of Europe, tourists would eagerly journey hundreds of miles out of their way to visit it." —Brendan Gill, The New Yorker

Pittsburgh rated “most livable” once again.

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