Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Premiere Week

It's Premiere Week on TV!!! And I want to know - what is everyone watching this year? I am SO excited for the premiere of Brothers & Sisters this upcoming weekend. Grey's should be good, but I don't think that the spin off will be successful. Gossip Girl SUCKED, definitely no OC. I think that Dirty, Sexy, Money might be interesting and I'm definitely in for another season of Ugly Betty. Post some comments here if you have checked out any good shows or have recommendations based on what you see in the upcoming weeks!

Fire Alarms

It's like the boy that cried wolf - the fire alarm goes off, and you don't even flinch. Is it a reaction from your freshman dorm as well, after countless people pulled the alarm drunk on the weekends? Maybe, you would just roll over and never think twice about it. But the other day I was in Bloomingdale's (shopping with JL obviously) when the alarm went off. We looked at each other and just kept shopping. But then I had a realization - what if it really was a fire? Was this my impending death? Clinging onto our Free People tops and Rock and Republic jeans, this would have been a sad way to go out. Or maybe not. I mean, thinking about more, if you are going to end up in a fire, I think that Bloomingdale's is where I would want it to be.

OK, OK, I know. Horrible thought. But don't worry, it was a false alarm. The only things burning that day were the holes in our pockets, and Bloomy's is still standing in one piece. But from now on, I'm going to make sure that I have at least one piece of designer clothing in my hands the next time I hear an alarm.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Thank you for a ridiculously fun weekend. We are the best together, I wish weekends like this could happen all of the time!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Destination: Philadelphia

One of my biggest blog fans is getting married this upcoming Friday in the City of Brotherly Love. As I finishing packing, and prepare for my red eye, I just wanted to wish her lots of luck for the big day. I am so ready for a 4 day vacation, I can hardly stand it. East Coast, here I come!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The VMA's

What were we watching Sunday night?

OK, I know. Britney's performance was a disgrace. BUT, I will defend her because rumor has it that she heard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her set immediately before walking onto stage. I'd be pissed too if someone said that about my kids. But I'm not so much even concerned with the whole Britney performance, but more so with everything else associated with that show. The random shots of party suite #3,576? The white sunglasses? Everyone looking fat??

It was terrible. TERRIBLE. MTV, please fire the producers immediately and make sure that they never work again.

Ode to Barney

Apparently, there once was a guy named Barney. He opened a restaurant on Route 66, and it today serves as the mecca of all sports bars right in the heart of West Hollywood. Los Angeles dwellers flock there to support their teams, and we decided this past Sunday, that there really is no place like it.

My friend JL and I have been making a list of "things that only happen in LA." And eating omelettes while watching the NFL kickoff its season is one of them. Barney, whoever you are, we would like to thank you -- not only for providing such a fantastic watering hole, but for bringing all of the hot sports fans of Los Angeles together every weekend.

Here's the real scoop on Barney's: Barney's Beanery opened in 1920 and since then has expanded, yet maintained it's original appeal to the public. Janis Joplin was rumored to have her last drink here, and some say that Jim Morrison lived in the upstairs apartment while on a bender. Jimi Hendrix used to dine at Barney's. The original hood over the stove that was used at Barney's over 80 years ago can still be seen in the restaurant. Known as the third oldest restaurant in the city of Los Angeles, the name Barney's Beanery was derived from the era of the depression when the restaurant used to serve beans on route 66.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Networking Debate

First there was Friendster. Then in grad school, Facebook blew up. But at that time, you could only be a member of Facebook if you had a college "edu" email address. So many educated twenty-somethings turned to MySpace.

Then something radical happened: Facebook opened up its membership to the public in September of this past year. And now, I think that many will agree with me when I say that Facebook is BACK, and better than ever.

A friend sent me this article below, and I find it very intriguing. It talks about the social classes of our country and how they are divided online. I believe what this student says is profoundly true. When I log into Facebook, I see my friends from UPenn, Harvard, and have access to the Ivy Alumni Network. When I log into MySpace, I see friends... but I also see pages filled with promotions and pages that can't load due to jumbled graphics, etc.

If you are interested in these networking sites, and the debate that compares them, check out this article at the following link:

I am a HUGE believer in online networking in this day and age, so regardless of your online preferences, I think that it's important to be associated with at least one of the networking sites. It's important to make sure that you don't fall off the radar for social and career purposes.

I'm going to keep all of my accounts for the time being. But I will declare that Facebook has me back in a BIG way.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Skiddily Winks

What exactly are skiddily winks? If you can answer this question, please contact me via comment immediately.

Skiddily. Skiddily. Skiddily.

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

I guess that I should have posted this a long time ago, but I didn't realize that it was such a big deal. Lemmy from Motorhead lives in my building. I thought, "OK cool - old rocker dude lives here, not a big deal considering that I live right near The Rainbow." But good god...when I told people at work about this, they FREAKED out. I actually also had one Axel Rose wannabe Italian student begging me on a daily basis for my address so that he could stalk him (and me for that matter, as I learned that he had a crush on me as well).

Well, the secret's out. I'm in #19, he's in #24. Come visit and make me pancakes if you would like to meet this rock legend for yourself.