Monday, November 20, 2006

Gobble Gobble

As of tomorrow, I'm going to be having way too much fun to blog (as was the case last week, sorry for no posts).... so I just wanted to tell everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Ode to Visitors - Just a Small Tribute

Visitors how I love thee.... You make the homesickness go away, especially since it is 87 degrees outside, and people are singing Carols. 3 sets of visitors in 3 weeks - how lucky I am. Hooray for visitors! You make the fact that there are Christmas lights on palm trees 'OK' at the end of the day. What would I do without you?

The Price is Right

Yes, it is true! On December 4th, I will be going on the Price is Right. It was decided among a small group of friends that we must see Bob Barker in person before he retires. As some of you know, 3 years ago in Avalon, I created the greatest drinking game ever - DRINKO. Similar to Plinko, I have a feeling that my practice that summer will make me an inevitable pick for contestant's row.

I am currently taking suggestions for t-shirt ideas. So far, ideas that have been brought to the table are "Pick Matt Davis," "Show Your Hot Face Bob," and "Long Live Bob." I'm not quite sure if I'm sold on any of them, so please feel free to email or comment with any other ideas. I believe that the show is going to air on December 5th, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. Set your TIVO!!!

9th Floor Please

As I have mentioned before, I work in the twin towers of Century City - two buildings that serve as a hub for many of the countries great corporations. Included in this list is Lifetime television network. Now we are lucky enough to work on the same floor as Lifetime television. What does this mean? Well, casting calls for one thing. My favorite days are those in which I go outside into the hallway to use the restroom and realize that a casting call for Lifetime is going on. People are out in the hallway fake crying, throwing fits, yelling loudly - it's awesome. I guess apparently too famous people come up to visit - and by famous people, I really mean once A list actors that are now looking to work for Lifetime. One day in the bathroom, a girl from the accounting department of Lifetime came in hyperventilating because apparently Jason Priestly was on the premises. My favorite thing about working on the same floor as Lifetime though, is the fact that Spike TV is also in the building. Every night, there is a Spike TV banner somewhere in the hallway when we leave for the night. My colleagues tell me that the janitors use it to take out the trash, but I secretly hope that there is some sort of rivalry going on between the two networks. How great would that be?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Everyone keeps asking me how to place comments on my blog. It's easy. Just create a user name and password - then click on the lower right corner of each post where it says 0 comments (or whatever number is there). Each time you read the blog, you can sign in, and post as many comments as you want. And now it's linked to google! I swear that it's not hard. And if you forget your password, just make up a new one. Or make it something easy, like cmorg or lalaland. If you are totally hip and blog savvy, you can even put your picture up there along with your profile! If you want to stay anonymous, just get a picture of someone that's really hot and put it there in your place :)

Remember, You Heard It Here First

Well you heard about the turmoil between Kevin and Britney here first. The news that they are getting divorced is out, and I am not surprised after last week's 'show' at the launch party. There are stories all over the internet, but this one is my favorite because it actually references the party I was at... Thanks for this G! I can only now hope that the sequel to Toxic will be out right after the holiday season! Fingers crossed.

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Danny Bonaduce eating lunch at The Palomino restaurant in Westwood. And he was with some really hot girls. How does that guy, or any dead beat celebrity for that matter, pull it off? I bet they were hookers.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Orange County

1 hour South of Los Angeles, sits one of the wealthiest areas of the country - Orange County. Celebrating the much anticipated season premiere of The OC, I decided to head down to Orange County myself this weekend to check it out. (By the way, I was pleasantly surprised at how good episode 1 was...I questioned whether or not they could do it without Mischa, but it was pretty good). There is a reason why so many filthy rich people live in Newport and Laguna Beach - because it's absolutely breathtaking. A much slower pace than LA, Orange County offers a small town feel with views and charm that are unmatched.

I mean, really... who could turn down an offer to live in Southern California with views like this?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Name that Celeb

Oh wait, that's right - you knew that I was going to his party! I cropped it to try to trick you. Didn't work, huh?

Well, today I am running on 2 hours of sleep (we did not get home until 5am) and I must say that an official Hollywood Halloween party is completely worth the agony that you feel the following day. In this town, it's the one night that people can leave their homes incognito, and blend in with the crowd. The launch party was incredible - it topped any Upfront party that I'd ever been to in New York. It was in one of the Gower Studios, and included buffets of food and drink, a hookah bar, dancers hanging from the ceiling, and many A list celebrities. My favorite thing though about the party is the fact that they made the entire studio smell like a burning pumpkin. I have no idea how they pinned it down, but I love that smell, and found it fascinating that someone actually invented a way to do it. Paris & Nicki were there, along with Mary Kate & Ashley - and of course Britney, dressed in a pink wig and giant sunglasses. Kevin rolled around the entire night with his posse and actually hung out with guests as you can see from the pic above. And I will say this - he is really good looking in person, I do not think that Britney is crazy. He's got a certain something about him. Although gave the following report,26334,1553615,00.html, I'll tell you some behind the scenes info that I got from the party. Britney and Kevin were supposed to perform together - and I'm not quite sure what happened, but neither ended up getting on stage. For a launch party, that's extremely disappointing. I mean Kev, at least give us a little rap to make it worthwhile! The couple was fighting all night, and whatever they were arguing about kept them from getting up on stage. I would say that they probably aren't on the greatest of terms right now, but then again, I know nothing about the context of what was going on. Regardless, it was pretty cool of Britney to dress in disguise in order to give Kevin the spotlight.

And let's not forget about the parade in West Hollywood near my house beforehand. My roommate Kris and I had a party after work, and then walked down to Santa Monica Blvd. to take part in the festivities. I have never in my life witnessed so many people dressed up in costumes, having so much fun. It is known as the best Halloween party in the world, and now I know why. I'll have to post some pics later in the week, but for now - it's bedtime. Finally.