Monday, October 30, 2006

Say It Ain't So

They are saying that Reese and Ryan have officially split. I pray that this isn't true. If my favorite celeb couple can't make it, there is likely no hope for anyone.

I also just received insider reports that Ryan has been seen out at clubs dancing with other women - and yes, I was told that he is even hotter in person. Poor Hollywood - marriage just does not seem to be working for anyone. Today is a sad day indeed.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I love change - I pretty much thrive for it. So I decided this past weekend to go brunette. It was a very spontaneous decision, but I think that this will be a good experiment if anything to see who really has more fun....blondes or brunettes?

Don't worry, it's only semi-permanent, so it should rinse out in about six weeks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick or Treat Federline Style

So what is everyone planning to do for Halloween?
What are you going to be?

I am going to be "Devil in a Blue Dress" this year - you know, like the song. I've got the dress, red high heels, red fishnet stockings, and all the devil props (including a pitchfork to poke any good looking young prospects with!) I can't wait. West Hollywood is throwing the 19th annual Halloween Carnavale right on Santa Monica near my house. It's supposed to be one of the biggest Halloween parties in the world. And I've also been invited to K-Fed's album release party...I'm on "the list." The catch is that it doesn't start until 2am. So I am really going to have to catch some zzzz's on Monday night in order to rest up for the event. Will Britney be there? I hope that her mom stays home with the boys so that she can attend. Anything you are dying to ask her? Let me know, because you just never know what might happen at an exclusive party like that!

I am just dying to see K-Fed perform. I mean, did anyone see his appearance on RAW? He is really something, that Kevin. So talented. I might just have to throw my bra on stage!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Ms. Jay (apparently from America's Next Top Model) at Ralph's grocery store on the corner of Beverly and Doheny. As we were picking out fresh cookies, he came up, grabbed a box from under us, and declared "I'm just going to have to smell the box" (then took an enormous sniff) and looked at us and said".... honestly if not, I could eat all of them in one sitting." He then threw the box back on the pile, turned his head and scurried off to the soup isle. I honestly had no idea who this person was, or the fact that I should have even cared what he was saying, but I was told that other people would appreciate the sighting!

That Song

Here is the YouTube link for that Scissor Sisters song that I was talking about, for those who told me that they have no idea what I'm talking about:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Did Everyone See Grey's Last Week?

One of the story lines on last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy told the story of how Meredith had to have her appendix removed. The entire comedy behind the situation was that she was drugged up and saying ridiculous things to other people on the show. I had a serious flashback from my own appendectomy last year. When I was waiting for an operating room (and was all morphined up), I proceeded to tell my good friend Paige how pretty she least 387 times. I also decided in my head that I had to the HOTTEST 3 doctors (2 surgeons, 1 anesthesiologist) at HUP that night. Typically at HUP this doesn't mean much - trust me, I've checked out the goods. But that night, they definitely were hot, and they loved me as a patient. Paiger, were you watching? Because I couldn't help think of you.

The Hollywood Gym Experience

So I've been having a VERY hard time finding a gym to join in LA. First, the prices are outrageous. Everyone in this town is so freaking superficial, that they are able to monopolize the fact that the only thing that most people care about is your looks. Take Equinox for example... it's the 2nd best gym in LA (LA sports club, which I did work out at once thanks to my friend Danielle that used to work there, has a wait list of unseemly proportions). As for Equinox, well I had a free pass to go there for a week. My experience there was unlike anything I've ever witnessed in my life. One day, there was a girl who was actually running on the treadmill in her underwear. Yes, they were spandex, but they were still underwear. Then, a girl got up next to me the following day on a stairmaster in a bikini top and a pair of UGG boots. She was also holding ten pound weights in her hands and looked like she was going to fall over because they were heavier than her. The icing on the cake though was when I saw a guy (who was definitely not straight) in skin tight WHITE gymnast pants that said "JAMA" on the back. This sight was so frightening that I decided that skipping a meal the following day would leave me better off than returning to this horrible place. I turned in my week pass after only 3 days.

By the way, I googled "JAMA" and I think it stands for The Journal of the American Medical Association... or maybe Jamaica...or Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Needless to say, I'm still gym hunting.

Are They Playing this Everywhere?

Are they? I'm very curious - it's the new song by Scissor Sisters called "I don't feel like dancin'" I can't figure out if it's just happening here in LA or if it's become a national phenomenon. Apparently people in the UK go crazy for this song, and as much as you at first think it's going to annoy you, you cannot stop yourself from dancing in your car uncontrollably. It reminds me of that Jumba Wumba song that came out our freshman year in college. Everyone goes nuts. If you haven't heard it yet, download it, and provide your feedback - I'm just really wondering what everyone else thinks. I feel that any song that uses the line "Your two step makes my heart pound" is priceless.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, I'm heading up to San Francisco this weekend, and I cannot even begin to express how excited I am. San Francisco is one of my absolute favorite cities. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. In fact, my job application to move to SF is actually what landed me in LaLa. And you know what, fate works in weird ways. My friend Nora and I (who were roommates in Munich 2 years ago) have planned a fabulous weekend to attend Oktoberfest there to celebrate a reunion weekend together. Beer steins, men in suspenders, what could be better? Nothing, I tell ya - absolutely nothing.

Sexyback Sucks

And I'm still sticking to it. JT's new album REALLY is not what it's cracked up to be people. I've said it before, and I'm sticking to my guns. Justified is ten times better than FutureSex (is that even what it's called?). I proved my theory last weekend at the Cabana Club. The incredibly awesome DJ there played Sexyback, but then immediately played Like I Love You following it. The crowd went crazy when Like I Love You came on - the dance floor escalated from a 5 to a 10 in seconds. I'm just saying that sometimes the old is better than the new.

So let's just talk for a minute...

...about the Sunset Strip. Which is my hood. Which is probably the most famous 10 miles in all of California. I could throw a stone at a number of extremely historical musical venues including The Roxy, The Key Club, The Viper Room, and Whiskey A Go Go. Which is pretty cool. History has been forged in this area, and I'm happy to experience it.

To learn more about my neighborhood, and the history behind it, I found 2 good websites. To put it into perspective, I live right near "D" on the map of the first link:

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Miller vs. Morgan - Place Your Bets

Has anyone read Sienna Miller's comments in the latest issue of Rolling Stone? It's a whole lotta nonsense. It's obvious that Jude Law is brainwashing her, because she states that monogamy is overrated. Yes, Sienna, at 24, it should be. [Well, that's my opinion anyway]. But in the long run, that theory isn't going to get you much but an ugly STD.

She also calls Pittsburgh "Shitsburgh" - and obviously being from Pittsburgh, I'm offended. At first, I wanted to put on my boxing gloves and throw her into the ring, but after thinking it though, I can see why such a trendy, hot, label whore of an actress would say that about a city that doesn't even know who Marc Jacobs is... Oh Sienna, if you just weren't so perfect and beautiful and always looking so fashionable and of course having lots of sex with Jude Law, I might just get mad at you. But somehow I can't - there's a reason why I haven't lived in Pittsburgh since I turned 18, so I'd probably lose if we fought.


West Coast Depression, or WCD as I like to call it, gets the best of us. It's something that I always "heard" about. It usually hits after a long weekend with East Coast friends, when sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405, or when someone throws up on your leg at a bar where you are paying $10 for a drink. It is UGLY, and best to avoid at all costs.

This past week, WCD hit an all time high for cmorg. Leaving the Atlanta airport last week, I got a little bit teary (side note: these tears only slightly resembled those shed on the 2000 flight from Sydney to LA, when the entire US Water Polo team tried to comfort me and cheer me up. Poor guys - if only they had one a medal, maybe I would have paid more attention...). Planes and airports have always had the ability to make me sad - it makes me think about what I'm leaving behind. The GOOD news though, is that WCD usually disappears when you are least expecting it. Sometimes it fades into the sunshine, or maybe it jumps off of one of those lookouts on Mulholland Drive, I honestly don't know. But for those of you that caused this recent case, I just wanted to thank you. The pain can sometimes teach us lessons and shed light on what is important in their lives.

ps - this picture was posted for those that would enjoy the following comment:
oooooohhhh, so you a baby?

Smile Honey, All of America is Watching You!

Smile Honey, All of America is Watching You!