Thursday, December 20, 2007


Everyone in LA asks this question when you decide to leave - WHY? No one understands it. The sunshine, the incredibly good looking people, the beaches, and the smell of fresh flowers when you walk down the street.

Making the decision to leave LA for me was like breaking up with a long term boyfriend. In the long run, you know that it's not right for you...that it's just not meant to be. And if there is no future in this, then why do it anymore. I mean there is no point, right? But it's just so damn hard to end things. I mean you wake up one morning, and realize how gorgeous they much fun you have with them - it becomes addicting and makes it extremely hard to leave. Tears ensue, you question everything, and finally one day, the axe comes crashing down.

Will I miss LA? Like an ex, LA will leave an impression on me for a lifetime. I will miss it SO much. The things that I've learned from the experience can't compare to anything else in my life, and I can say this with true confidence: LA was the best thing that ever happened to me. After busting my ass in grad school and dealing with ridiculous medical issues (at the same time), LA gave me a clean break and allowed me to piece my life back together after it had fallen apart. And let's not forget that I never would have found my future career if I hadn't started this blog. It's funny how life works out.

But hey, I'm still here for 3 more days. So it's not over yet! Stay tuned...

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