Sunday, December 09, 2007

Random Thoughts by CMorg

Wow, I have been really bad about keeping up with my blog lately. Apologies to all. There are some random things that have popped into my mind lately, so here goes:

Isn't it great to be the table at the restaurant that is having the most fun? You know, everyone is laughing so hard and having such a great time that other patrons around you feel completely jealous and like something is missing in their life. I love when this happens and I am part of that table.

Last year, I found it depressing to see Christmas lights on Palm trees and boats. For some reason this year, I now find it to be fantastic. What a difference a year can make. Maybe I got over the LA slump?

It's nice to live in a city that has old theaters that still show the classics...and by classics, I mean movies like Ghostbusters. More cities should do this outside of LA and New York.

Europeans have a funny habit. They'll wear the same outfit 3 days in a row. It baffles me, but I see it all the time in my school. This would never be OK in the US. Americans are all way too judgemental.

Everyone should download the song "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service into their iPods. Just listen to it through your headphones, and you will be so glad that I told you this.

Speaking of iPods, I've decided that popular songs that I download have a curse against them...because usually as soon as I muster up the $1 to put them into a playlist, I then decide that the song is way too played out. Figures.

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