Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Full Report

OK, so I've been covering movies and press junkets for the past nine months, but this past weekend I really went out with a bang. FOX held a double feature screening on Friday night on their lot in the Zanuck Theater - first 27 Dresses and then Penelope. Saturday an international press conference was held at the Four Seasons for 27 Dresses, and afterwards roundtables for Penelope. What a day is all that I can say...

Katherine Heigl stars in 27 Dresses - Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride!
Let's start with 27 Dresses. The film is cute, but totally cheesy. I'm sure that everyone will see it, but I felt a bit disappointed in it. It basically took every cliche from other romantic comedies that we know and wrapped it all up in one film. The interviews on Saturday were with Ed Burns and Katherine Heigl. James Marsden apparently got stuck in the snow somewhere (James, I am still so mad at you, I totally wanted to belt out Hairspray tunes with you). THE SCOOP: Katherine Heigl, although getting some bad press lately, is NOT a bitch at all. In fact, I think that she is now my favorite celebrity that I've met. Very personable, friendly, and likable. We hit it off because I explained to her that I am totally that single girl that always either ends up being a bridesmaid or at 20 weddings every year. She's a total knockout, yet not too full of herself. Ed Burns was also very nice and charming - I guess you'd have to be if you were married to Christy Turlington, right? Did I get to ask them questions? Of course. Am I going to tell you all about it? Well certainly not because then you won't read my review when it comes out in January!
Ed Burns, 27 Dresses

Penelope shocked me. I didn't know much about the film to begin with, and thought that a movie about a girl with a pig nose was bound to be a failure. The film, which is the first independent film produced by Reese Witherspoon's Type A Productions, is a heart warming tale that will win over people worldwide. It has a great message and all-star cast. And I totally have the biggest crush on James McAvoy now.
Christina Ricci stars in Penelope

THE SCOOP: I had intimate roundtable interviews with Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara, Director Mark Palansky, and producers Jennifer Simpson, Scott Steindorff, and Dylan Russell. Christina Ricci just chopped her hair (for Speedracer) and dyed it very light brown. She looks good, and was very nice. Not as personable as Katherine, but I wasn't really surprised by that. Christina has a unique personality and we can see this in her film choices. Catherine O'Hara is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing around her...and having the chance to talk closely with both the director and producers was really interesting. I love hearing how everything came together and the challenges faced on the set. Did I ask them questions? Of course. Am I going to tell you all about it? Well certainly not because then you won't read my review when it comes out in February!
Catherine O'Hara, Penelope
Penelope Director, Mark Palansky

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