Thursday, March 08, 2007

They're BACK.

Remember those friendship pins that we all put on our tennis shoes in the 80's? Well, I have decided to bring them back...that's right, a major comeback is about to happen right before your eyes. I think that they would look great on all the Converse sneakers that I see everywhere now-a-days. So, I'm starting a side business. Yes, I realize that this side business will likely only earn me enough to buy a small meal, but I don't care. If you would like your own friendship pin (or set!), please send $1 for each pin along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to me. I will in turn make you a lovely friendship pin that contains all sorts of different colored beads that depict how I feel about you. Speaking of which, does anyone remember what the colors mean? Because I was in a heated discussion over the weekend about it, and I can't seem to find any information about this online. Please help give feedback if you can-- the project is about to go underway shortly and I am going to have to make up meanings for each color otherwise! (Although I'm sure that the meanings that I choose will be much funnier...)

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