Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Sites to Check Out

There are so many websites out there, but I thought that I would talk today about a few of my favorites (other than celebrity blogs of course). So check these out if you are bored on the days that I don't blog: (or if you are a Manhattanite) Best food/restaurant blog out there, a Zagat's online if you will, only a bit more critical. Check out your local chapter if you want to do something active and good for the planet! Love it (thanks BB!) Take a look to see how your daily habits are really impacting your lifespan. Take the free test. Really, it's shocking! A site great for business networking. If you are looking for a challenge...or just to finally put that New Year's Resolution into action (never too late!)

and last but not least, -- the Wall Street Journal of Hollywood.

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