Thursday, March 22, 2007

Many nights, whether it be at the Jersey shore or out at a bar with friends, you find yourself so-called rating people. "9, that turns into a 3 when drunk" is a common label that I give to many of my guy friends.

We all know that there have been many debates about where you or I fall on the HOT scale, and someone is finally making bank by exploiting the idea. Why on earth did we not think of this sooner? (Members of The Barn '05, take note). Check out what is behind this new site,

This particular online dating site believes that not enough dating sites have actual good looking people on them. The creators believe that typically, they draw lonely and desperate people. For this site, you must submit 3 photos (one must be a full body shot) and then already existing members will rate you. You MUST be rated an 8 or higher in order to get membership, and then you can date freely for only $9.95/month. Shallow? Yes! Do we love it? Yes!!

You better believe that I am trying this out. I've heard all of my friends ratings (from looks to personality), but now let's ask the public who doesn't care about personality one bit! I will certainly keep you posted and let you know if I am HotEnough.

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