Sunday, October 08, 2006


West Coast Depression, or WCD as I like to call it, gets the best of us. It's something that I always "heard" about. It usually hits after a long weekend with East Coast friends, when sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405, or when someone throws up on your leg at a bar where you are paying $10 for a drink. It is UGLY, and best to avoid at all costs.

This past week, WCD hit an all time high for cmorg. Leaving the Atlanta airport last week, I got a little bit teary (side note: these tears only slightly resembled those shed on the 2000 flight from Sydney to LA, when the entire US Water Polo team tried to comfort me and cheer me up. Poor guys - if only they had one a medal, maybe I would have paid more attention...). Planes and airports have always had the ability to make me sad - it makes me think about what I'm leaving behind. The GOOD news though, is that WCD usually disappears when you are least expecting it. Sometimes it fades into the sunshine, or maybe it jumps off of one of those lookouts on Mulholland Drive, I honestly don't know. But for those of you that caused this recent case, I just wanted to thank you. The pain can sometimes teach us lessons and shed light on what is important in their lives.

ps - this picture was posted for those that would enjoy the following comment:
oooooohhhh, so you a baby?

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