Sunday, October 08, 2006

Miller vs. Morgan - Place Your Bets

Has anyone read Sienna Miller's comments in the latest issue of Rolling Stone? It's a whole lotta nonsense. It's obvious that Jude Law is brainwashing her, because she states that monogamy is overrated. Yes, Sienna, at 24, it should be. [Well, that's my opinion anyway]. But in the long run, that theory isn't going to get you much but an ugly STD.

She also calls Pittsburgh "Shitsburgh" - and obviously being from Pittsburgh, I'm offended. At first, I wanted to put on my boxing gloves and throw her into the ring, but after thinking it though, I can see why such a trendy, hot, label whore of an actress would say that about a city that doesn't even know who Marc Jacobs is... Oh Sienna, if you just weren't so perfect and beautiful and always looking so fashionable and of course having lots of sex with Jude Law, I might just get mad at you. But somehow I can't - there's a reason why I haven't lived in Pittsburgh since I turned 18, so I'd probably lose if we fought.

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