Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick or Treat Federline Style

So what is everyone planning to do for Halloween?
What are you going to be?

I am going to be "Devil in a Blue Dress" this year - you know, like the song. I've got the dress, red high heels, red fishnet stockings, and all the devil props (including a pitchfork to poke any good looking young prospects with!) I can't wait. West Hollywood is throwing the 19th annual Halloween Carnavale right on Santa Monica near my house. It's supposed to be one of the biggest Halloween parties in the world. And I've also been invited to K-Fed's album release party...I'm on "the list." The catch is that it doesn't start until 2am. So I am really going to have to catch some zzzz's on Monday night in order to rest up for the event. Will Britney be there? I hope that her mom stays home with the boys so that she can attend. Anything you are dying to ask her? Let me know, because you just never know what might happen at an exclusive party like that!

I am just dying to see K-Fed perform. I mean, did anyone see his appearance on RAW? He is really something, that Kevin. So talented. I might just have to throw my bra on stage!

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