Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Did Everyone See Grey's Last Week?

One of the story lines on last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy told the story of how Meredith had to have her appendix removed. The entire comedy behind the situation was that she was drugged up and saying ridiculous things to other people on the show. I had a serious flashback from my own appendectomy last year. When I was waiting for an operating room (and was all morphined up), I proceeded to tell my good friend Paige how pretty she least 387 times. I also decided in my head that I had to the HOTTEST 3 doctors (2 surgeons, 1 anesthesiologist) at HUP that night. Typically at HUP this doesn't mean much - trust me, I've checked out the goods. But that night, they definitely were hot, and they loved me as a patient. Paiger, were you watching? Because I couldn't help think of you.

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