Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Are They Playing this Everywhere?

Are they? I'm very curious - it's the new song by Scissor Sisters called "I don't feel like dancin'" I can't figure out if it's just happening here in LA or if it's become a national phenomenon. Apparently people in the UK go crazy for this song, and as much as you at first think it's going to annoy you, you cannot stop yourself from dancing in your car uncontrollably. It reminds me of that Jumba Wumba song that came out our freshman year in college. Everyone goes nuts. If you haven't heard it yet, download it, and provide your feedback - I'm just really wondering what everyone else thinks. I feel that any song that uses the line "Your two step makes my heart pound" is priceless.


U Should Know said...


"You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway "

cmorg said...

you should know...that was record breaking time to post a comment. I don't know who you are though, so fill me in.

Drew said...

That song is quite catchy!

Two years ago, when I lived in Dallas, Charlie & I had a chance to see Scissor Sisters perform at a small venue and meet the band.

They're a good time.