Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hollywood Gym Experience

So I've been having a VERY hard time finding a gym to join in LA. First, the prices are outrageous. Everyone in this town is so freaking superficial, that they are able to monopolize the fact that the only thing that most people care about is your looks. Take Equinox for example... it's the 2nd best gym in LA (LA sports club, which I did work out at once thanks to my friend Danielle that used to work there, has a wait list of unseemly proportions). As for Equinox, well I had a free pass to go there for a week. My experience there was unlike anything I've ever witnessed in my life. One day, there was a girl who was actually running on the treadmill in her underwear. Yes, they were spandex, but they were still underwear. Then, a girl got up next to me the following day on a stairmaster in a bikini top and a pair of UGG boots. She was also holding ten pound weights in her hands and looked like she was going to fall over because they were heavier than her. The icing on the cake though was when I saw a guy (who was definitely not straight) in skin tight WHITE gymnast pants that said "JAMA" on the back. This sight was so frightening that I decided that skipping a meal the following day would leave me better off than returning to this horrible place. I turned in my week pass after only 3 days.

By the way, I googled "JAMA" and I think it stands for The Journal of the American Medical Association... or maybe Jamaica...or Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Needless to say, I'm still gym hunting.

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