Monday, January 14, 2008

Small Town Mentality? Does it Exist?

I don't know if you have ever seen the show, but I kinda feel like that guy in October Road. You know, he's a writer, and he leaves his hometown and then comes back ten years later after writing a book about all of his friends. Everyone's pissed at him for leaving and turning his back on everyone. Well, I never wrote a book, but I can say that there is this undeniable weirdness that people from a small town can sometimes place on a person that has left for the big city. I am VERY lucky in that I have a solid group of about ten friends that have never turned their back on me, but sometimes with other people, I can feel the vibe piercing through me like taser gun the second we start to talk.

People grow and change in different ways through time, and of course in different places. I guess the true test of friendship is to see if you grow together, or grow apart...or even grow on your own for a while, and then reconnect.

At least I never wrote a book! You can all thank for me for that later.

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