Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flash Forward: 4 Years

Did anyone watch the season Premiere of One Tree Hill tonight? Good grief, are they serious? So it's supposed to be exactly 4 years from when the gang graduated from high school. And one got drafted to an NBA team, one published a book, one became President of a major fashion line, and the other moved to a ridiculous apartment on the Sunset Strip even though she was failing miserably. I don't know about the rest of you, but my friends totally did all of this while in college. I mean, in all truthfulness, we are all rock stars now that we're out of college, but these writers have really got to be kidding thinking that this is realistic in any sense. It just paints such a false reality for all of the young people that watch it.

By the way, I guess I know now why I saw Peyton parked on my street a few months ago. All of those shots in the first episode were a block from my old apartment. Oh Sunset Strip, I miss you, but just a little bit.

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