Monday, February 26, 2007

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Well, we didn't even realize that he was a psuedo-celeb...but when Niels from Beauty and the Geek came up to myself and 2 girlfriends at Skybar on Saturday night and said "Hey you girls look like a lot of fun, can I sit down and hang out for a while?" -- well, we pretty much rejected him on the spot. I knew that he looked familiar, and about 20 minutes later I remembered him from TV. Poor guy, he's trying to build his self esteem and confidence with women, and we just shot him down cold-heartedly.

I just read online that this guy is now becoming a dating coach after what he learned on Beauty and the Geek. Really? I mean, I'm sure that the experience was life changing, but does he really have enough dating experience to become a coach? Because at this point, I'm pretty sure that I might qualify as a dating coach if you need a certain amount of experience to get certified. I could easily write a book detailing different types of men and what I've learned to pass onto others. Well, good luck to this guy. He seemed like he was on the right track, so good on ya mate. I'm sure that you'll find a great girl soon!

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