Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars

Well, everyone has been asking me about Oscar season in LA. And it's certainly exciting. Everyone is partying like crazy. I only left my house once yesterday because so many of the major roads were shut down, leaving traffic to be a complete nightmare. I also couldn't get to sleep last night due to the number of helicopters over Hollywood. Out and about this weekend though, I didn't see a single celeb. I know, I'm very disappointing! I think that most of the actors and actresses were out last night, but earlier in the weekend they must have been getting their beauty sleep. I mean, I was even at the Chateau Marmont on Saturday night, and no one was in sight...and you know that the entire hotel was booked with attendees, as it's the hottest hotel around.

Overall, I thought that Ellen did a superb job hosting. Reese looked fantastic, but I'm beginning to wonder if she's lost too much weight. Her chin is so skinny all of a sudden. I also thought that Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz looked great. Jessica Biel's dress was horrid in my opinion - save the hot pink for your next Teen Vogue party, not the Oscars. And of course Kirsten Dunst looked like she just walked off of the farm. As for the guys, they always tend to look the same to me. But Mark Walberg raised the standards last night, I mean - he's so hot, it's just too much to handle sometimes. And Jack Nicholson always seems to steal the show somehow, even when he's not nominated. Overall, the show was pretty good, but way too long!

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