Monday, February 26, 2007


West Hollywood has decided to implement a new strategy for dog owners throughout the WeHo neighborhoods. They are called POOP STATIONS. If I didn't lose my digital camera, I would take a picture for you. (I'll try to get someone else to in the upcoming weeks, because I know that you probably do not believe me that these things exist). Basically, these are just large, green boxes to throw your dog's crap in when you are out taking them for a walk. And at the very top of the green box is a GIANT sign that says POOP STATION. And we are soooo super lucky because they just put one right across the street from our apartment building.

Okay, now I see the point in not wanting the dogs to do a #2 all over the yard, next to the MINI, or even on the sidewalk, but doesn't having a huge sign that reads POOP STATION defeat the entire purpose of not drawing attention to the shit?

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