Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day a Huge Success (for most!)

I have decided that I will absolutely not comment on Britney this week. Honestly, I think it's at the point where depression has gotten the best of her, and I don't think that depression is funny. So for those of you that asked, my apologies for not wanting to gossip about this one. I'm just at the point where I truly feel bad for her. I will post some pictures from the weekend though -- 1.) of our view from our temporary weekend residence, while one of our friends (along with the rest of us) "dog sat" for his wonderful boss. The house was right off of Mulholland Drive. We learned what it felt like to live like the other half. And man, was it good. AND of course 2.) a pic of the weekend crew from the wine tour in Santa Barbara.

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