Monday, May 14, 2007

Some Random Sh*t

I feel like in the last couple of weeks, some really random things have popped into my mind -- so like that Ruminations guy, I didn't want to dedicate an entire posting to these thoughts, but just mention each one briefly. Here goes, some random stuff that I've been thinking about lately:

Why is it that when you get on an exercise bike, and bike an entire mile, you only burn 13 calories? Seriously, I watched it today. 1 mile at 95 RPM = 13 calories. And when you read Cosmo, it always says stupid stuff like "Kissing for 1 minute burns 25 calories. WOW." If this is true, then I would just be better off making out with people (snogging if you will, see July blog) instead of going to the gym? This sounds like a much better option to me.

When you live in LA, 3,500 miles away from home, it is NOT a good idea to ever leave that Nickelback song "Faraway" on the radio while in the car (particularly when stuck in traffic). Because before you realize it, all you can say to yourself is "Oh my god, I really am SO FAR AWAY." And then WCD hits hard, and you want to belt out the rock ballad in tears. Take note, nearby drivers do not want to see this! Just change the station immediately the next time you hear it.

I cannot just eat one of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I always want another one - can anyone just eat one? And here is another diet thought that I discussed with a friend last week: Since Weight Watchers figures in how much fiber is in a food, can you make something worth ZERO points by adding a ton of Benefiber to it? And why is it impossible to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Because this is what I've been trying to do before my 10 year high school reunion, and it just hasn't worked. Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Last time I was in Yoga class, the instructor kept saying "Just become one with your body. The process is about letting go of the thoughts in your mind, not thinking about the pain." But honestly, the thoughts running through my head at the time consisted of "Ouch....ouch....stupid instructor, way too hard...freaking downward dog, I hate you...that guy next to me is hot...not going to be able to walk tomorrow... wait, I think he's gay...OUCH." Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone? Am I the only person that is incapable of focusing in Yoga class? Because sometimes, I think so.

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