Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singing in the Car - Embrace it.

On the days that I teach, I end up spending about 40 minutes in the car to and from work. I actually don't mind it at all, because it gives me time to catch up on all of my phone calls and either wake up or unwind from the day. And I am well-known for my outrageously loud singing skills in the car anytime that a good song comes on the radio. On top of that, I have a horrible singing voice. Since starting my new commute, I've been caught so many times singing my head off in the car by total strangers next to me at a red light or on La Cienega. Obviously, the initial first reaction is to become embarrassed. But now, I've decided to embrace it and sing directly to the people watching. It makes for a really funny situation, trust me on this. I suggest this sociology lesson to everyone reading -- try it out and have fun with it.

To the black Acura at the corner of Washington, you weren't mistaken. I do wear my sunglasses at night.

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