Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Film Review and More

Congratulations Lisa and Aaron.
Girls night in the Big Apple.
Hooray for the grad! Shannon, I can't wait to welcome you to California, and I know that Stanford is pretty happy too.
Happy Birthday Dad.
And 10 years, really? The BHS Class of 97 reunion...Yikes.

There are so many reasons for my upcoming trip back to the East Coast. I leave tomorrow on a red eye, and can't wait. I feel it in my bones that this going to be one of the best weeks ever. Before I leave, I wanted to post two of my recent articles (published today) -- the first is my review of the film Fay Grim. Now, I not only got to go to a special press screening of the film last month at Raleigh Studios, but I also got to interview Parker Posey and Hal Hartley personally during a press junket. The private screenings are VIP, and the fact that I got up close and personal with one of my favorite actresses can't really be compared to anything else that I did at my last job. So read up, and if you can, check out this film. Parker Posey is great in it.

Here is the link to the review:

My second article this week is a synopsis of DVD releases that are scheduled to come out this summer. It's not too interesting, but will give you a quick review of what you have to look forward to on the days that it decides to rain. You can check it out here:

I had a comment in there about Sexual Chocolate and the gang from Coming to America, but I can see that my editor took it out. Boo.

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