Monday, April 23, 2007

Unemployment in the City of Broken Dreams

So I was able to experience the glory of being unemployed for exactly one week out here in LA. And in thinking it over, I've decided that LA must have the highest percentage of people collecting unemployment in the nation. I have no idea if this is true, it's just my guess, but there are so many people out here doing absolutely NOTHING. Everyone of course is trying to do SOMETHING, but in their attempts, likely just go out every night and then spend all day at The Coffee Bean plugging away on their computers -- writing screenplays or just instead looking up people on myspace.

There is something about LA that sucks you into this mentality though. I was unemployed for a week, and honestly, if I could just find something to pay the rent, I realized that I would be completely happy doing nothing. By nothing of course I mean writing a little bit each morning, going to the gym, hanging out at Urth Cafe, taking a nap, and then going out later that night and/or watching movies on my couch. I think I'd really only feel that way in this town though (correction, I did feel that way in Avalon, NJ as well. To be expected, everyone that has been there completely understands).

But in every other major city in the country, you would be completely shunned for being this lazy. Can you imagine telling your banker friends in New York about your day? Here though, it's pretty much the norm. Is it a good mentality? Or completely irresponsible? Of course, I'm working again, so it doesn't matter anymore... but should I ever decide to jump ship, at least I know that I'm in the company of a lot of people that will understand, and will insist that living life this way is 100% OK.

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