Monday, April 23, 2007

Tanning in LA - where am I?

So I usually walk to my gym, which is right on Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of good old WeHo. Everyday (who am I kidding....maybe twice a week) when I go there, I pass by this super trendy tanning salon along the way. Over this past weekend, the tanning salon actually had a sign outside that read "Get your daily dose of Vitamin D today! Research proves that tanning provides Vitamin D, and getting your daily dose will help you to ward off skin cancer. New tanning packages available, discounts for all gym members. Come in today!"

Who is genius that came up with this ad campaign? I almost felt like I was being punked as a consumer. I mean, who would read this and actually buy a tanning package based on this sign created by a complete moron? The whole way it was marketed just really pissed me off, and I always think it's funny when little things like that bother me.

Sure Vitamin D does help, I'm not saying that it doesn't. But you need to be in the sunlight for about 5 minutes, wearing sunscreen. And isn't it sunny enough already, LA? The sun doesn't go away here, it actually becomes annoying after a while. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, BLAH.

Next time I see that sign, I'm kicking it over.

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