Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Chrismukkah!

The best thing about living in LA is getting ready for trips home to the East Coast. When I go to the airport tomorrow, and the airport attendant asks me my destination, I can't wait to reply with "home." I'm sure that in LAX (which equates to hell on earth), they will not appreciate this answer, making it even more fun to say. I will enjoy every second of it.

There is no way that I'll be blogging at home - there's no need. These posts are all about the adventures in LaLaLand, baby. So sit tight, and I'll be back eventually. I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday! I've left you with something to relish during the next ten days - it's one of the greatest holiday websites ever: Crop a picture of yourself, your beau, your dad - it doesn't matter, it's hilarious.

By the way, my friend Danielle and I totally gave the clean up guy at work cookies. I also took the liberty of taking bins of my company's promotional stress relief soccer balls that we hand out at trade shows and dumped them all in the toys for tots bin. Let's hope that upper management doesn't find out about that one! ;) Safe travels, and enjoy the break!

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