Friday, December 01, 2006

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

Gary Shandling TWO days in a row - how random is that? Once, outside of the Beverly Hills Hilton and then again on Elevado Road in Beverly Hills when running. I never thought that I would run into Gary Shandling, let alone twice in one week!

Lindsay Lohan on Sunset Blvd. driving a convertible Beige VW Bug (I believe that this may have been the freebie from Herbie since her recent car accident damaged her other car). She literally cut me off at the intersection of Doheny Road, and I followed her for about a mile. She was wearing huge black sunglasses and a Chanel hair wrap - I knew that it was her though because the wrap blew off every 2 minutes and she would check herself out at every red light in her rear view mirror.

Jon Cryer hiking with his family and 3 very strange mutt looking dogs in Ruynon Canyon the day after Thanksgiving. ahhh, Duckie!

Leonardo DiCaprio at Dough Boys in West Hollywood. NOTE: this was not my sighting, but my guest for the weekend who ran smack into him on the way to the bathroom. Nice work ABKane - not a bad sighting for a weekend visit.

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