Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just Call Me Pablo.

I needed to post this, particularly for T-Bomb, who loves to keep up with my painting escapades. I'm happy to report that my bedroom turned out a wonderful shade of taupe which is very appealing to the eye. My bathroom, on the other hand, looks like a smurf came in and threw up all over the place. I'm trying to do the "wait a week to see if I like it" but every time that I try to get ready in my bathroom in the morning, the blue background reflected behind me makes me look like I'm an actress in front of one of those blue stunt screens that they use on movie sets. I'm just waiting for ropes to lift me up so that I can pretend like I am flying and doing flips. I have a feeling that the blue may not last, but I'm going to give it a shot at least for a few laughs over the next couple of weeks.

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