Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Highlights from the Drive

Places that we hated:
- Ojai, CA
- Elko, NV (this place stinks, literally like dead flowers)
-and of course Ohio, especially when Patti tried to take a picture of the state sign, and mistakenly took a picture of a wholesale fireworks store because she was nervous- this made her feel like a complete failure.

Places/Things that we loved:
- the license plate game (we got every state except Hawaii and New Hampshire!)
- the hotels in Wisconsin that have water parks attached to them that let you take the slides from floor to floor, you must see this to believe it
- The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, and not only because we ran into Amanda Kane's 7th grade boyfriend there!
- Route 33 outside of Santa Barbara; something we would do once, but never again.
- MASH (thank god I'm marrying Paul Walker!)


gallo012 said...

Morgan, so happy to see you made it to LA in one piece. Looks like the trip was awesome. I love the comment about Ohio. I have been working there for over and year and I am glad someone else can appreciate what torture I go through on a weekly basis.

Best of Luck,


P.S. When you are settled, I am coming out!!

cmorg said...

Gallo, yes you are right - OHIO SUCKS.

pat said...

Other two things we loved...1 - waving at middle america as they stared at Mini, 2 - the cop who drove behind Mini to make sure he made it through the construction area Ok!

cmorg said...

Can't believe I forgot those - MINI got a carwash today, and is much happier with all the bugs gone!