Thursday, February 07, 2008


OK, I admit it - now that I'm working from home, TMZ is a damn good guilty pleasure everyday at 4pm. It's like I never left West Hollywood. And somehow it also makes me thankful that I did.

Who is your favorite TMZ staff member in the gossip room? I love the dude with the long blonde hair, I think he's hilarious, and I also like that guy with the short spiky hair. He's weirdly hot. And does anyone know the blonde girl that stands in the back that wears a Penn State sweatshirt once a week? I feel like someone we know must know who she is... take a look next time it's on.

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Samantha said...

I admit TMZ is my guilty pleasure, Harvey and crew make me laugh. Max is my favorite with his sarcastic wit. they're all funny in their own rights, but Max and Harvey just kill.