Sunday, February 10, 2008


Do you google yourself? I usually do not. However, I did once before, and when I realized now that I put stuff all over the Internet for both work and play, I decided to do it again tonight. Googling always works in 3 phases:

Phase 1: First + Last Name Only - this proves to be slightly disastrous because if you have a common name like mine, you might only find one or two things that are relevant.

Phase 2: First + Middle Initial + Last Name - A bit better, I come up first on the list... but good god, there are still a lot of me!

Phase 3: First + Middle + Last Names spelled out - 1 entry (damn proud of it too if I must say).

Here's the funny thing though - Phase 1 is the best, because you get to see what all the other people are doing with your name. Apparently, I am also an actress because I'm listed as one on IMDB. Sweet. I am also a news anchor, have a gospel video on MySpace's YouTube, and am some sort of stunt double in Hollywood.

Well, it looks like those people blessed with my name are doing great things. What are your "name doubles" doing??? (AN - I know that you definitely do not have any!!!)

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