Friday, November 09, 2007

Sightings and Celeb Scoop

This week I had tonsillitis and missed 4 days of work. Today, in complete disarray, I walked to my doctor's office to get more tests done. Standing at the corner of Doheny and Sunset, I spotted Ashton Kutcher sitting at the corner in a new Tahoe. I know that people outside of LA don't understand this, but when you have these moments in this town, and you and a celeb are the only two people around, you make eye contact just like you would with anyone else. All I could hear in my head was that guy from the style network that says "NEVER leave your house without looking CUTE ladies, because you never know who you will see!" Man was he right. Needless to say, being sick, I looked hideous in my two sizes too big jeans, ratty sweatshirt, and no make-up. He, on the other hand, looked smokin' and smiled despite my awful appearance. I know, he does have Demi, but you cannot get these moments back people. All I was thinking was "why did you not at least put lip gloss on??" And, it's a shame because I have a thing for Ashton. There is something about him - the way he wears a baseball cap I think - that drives me nuts. I'd love to punk him given any chance possible.

Hollywood marriages are volatile... next time, I'll be ready.

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