Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sunset Tan

Who actually watches Sunset Tan? Anyone? I was watching it at the gym today because it's shot 3 blocks from my house. So obviously, I like to just check it out to see what sorts of things they film in West Hollywood. When people ask me "Why on earth would you ever want to leave LA??? The weather and everything is just so great here!" To them, I say: please watch Sunset Tan for 30 full minutes...then you will understand the dark side.


Kelly Z said...

Ha Ha Ha! I actually catch this show every now and then, and I can't believe it's, seriously, some of it has to be scripted, acting, or whatever. Nobody would let the "Olly" girls work there that long, and I REFUSE to believe that they're actually that dumb.

cmorg said...

I hope that it's scripted Kelly! If not, America is in big trouble.