Thursday, September 14, 2006

Orgasm Lip Gloss - And More

Sephora to me is like a candy store to a 5 year old. I can spend hours in it, testing out all of the different products. I recently spent my "birthday money" there on new make up and HIGHLY recommend the Bare Essentials line that's made from an all mineral form. They say that you can even sleep in it, and it won't make you break out. Everything is in powder form, and their brushes are the best I've ever used. You can get a starter kit that includes 2 foundations, a bronzer, primer, face illuminator, and 3 brushes for only $60. It's worth every penny. I'm also a huge fan of benefit's eye brow gel, and Cargo's lip gloss.

I think that the best purchase that I just got this week though is top rated "Orgasm" lipstick from NARS. It's the perfect pinky shade just to give you enough hue and glow to grab anyone's attention. I highly recommend this product - man, I should be a spokesperson and get paid for this! Oh, but I love sharing beauty tips. You can check out their glosses here:

Speaking of skin care and make up, don't forget that I am still a NuSkin vendor. I buy my makeup at Sephora, but I get all of my lotions and face creams, etc. from NuSkin. Honestly, I've noticed that people comment on my skin all the time now, and it's totally from the products. Their fine line wrinkle serum is the BOMB, and I love their daily skin lotion. It makes my skin the softest that it's ever been. Also, there is a division of NuSkin called Pharmanex. This company made the only vitamin supplements approved for Olympic athletes. I was first introduced to them at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games when I worked there. The supplements are TOP quality. I take an anti-oxidant dose of (decaffeinated) green tea daily, as well as a multi-vitamin. You should check out their websites to see if you are interested in any of the products:

But remember! If you want to order something from NuSkin or Pharmanex, let me know FIRST! I can give you my vendor number and HOOK YOU UP BIG TIME.

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