Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love Your Liver and Live Longer

Words to live by... everyone will be happy to know that I had my latest check up today with the head of Hepatology at Cedar's Sinai, and I've been given a clean bill of health. In fact, my test results were so good, that he said that although he loved meeting me, he never wants to see me again! Lucky really pulled through for me, I couldn't be more excited about the news!

I also found out today at another appointment that the HPV Vaccine is now available to young women. One thing that I didn't know is that it's really only recommended for women 18-26, so ladies - if you are like me and recentrly turned 27, run to your doctor now to beg him/her to get you approved for the vaccine. It's a hefty price of $600, but will provide you 100% protection against cervical cancer. I'm definitely going to do it - my first shot in the series of 3 is on September 25th. I can't wait!


nicolelazarz said...

that is great news! i am so excited for you! i didn't get to the liver walk (another wedding), but i'll wear a green clover for you when i run the half marathon.

cmorg said...

I love you Nicole.