Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Take a Moment for The Hills

OK, so the 3rd season of The Hills started up this week, and I have to ask - What does everyone think so far? The engagement? The sex tape rumors? Jason's return? And seriously, can Audrina's teeth get any whiter?? I can already tell that this season has me locked in for the long run. I love this show mostly because they tape everything in West Hollywood, and it's pretty cool to see my neighborhood on TV. It looks like Les Deux is going to be the new Area, huh?

On another note, did you know that Heidi and Spencer are releasing a new song together? I'm serious. Ryan Seacrest debuted it (via special permission) on his radio show this morning. I'm pretty sure that we are all going to WANT to hate it... but guess what? It's really good. I can picture myself dancing like crazy two months from now when this song comes on in a bar. They must have had really good producers. The song is Heidi's but at the end, Spencer comes in and does this little 'rap' thing. This was unnecessary in my opinion. But, they have figured out how to work the public, and are going to cross-sell like crazy - so, I say, good for them.

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