Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Doorway! The Doorway!

Well, I have officially survived my first major earthquake. There have been times before when I have felt my building shake a bit, but I always figured no big deal. They say that at least one small earthquake happens every single day in Southern California. Last night though was a different story! Just before 1am, I was woken up and felt like I was being shaken all around in my bed. I couldn't figure out if I was dreaming or what was going on because I was in such a deep slumber. But when I saw that a bottle of perfume had gone down on my dresser, I knew that it was for real. Just as I thought "get in the freaking doorway you idiot, this is actually happening" the shakes actually started to subside. I found the whole experience to be pretty exciting actually. I guess only because it was a 4.5, I can say this, but it's one more thing that I have survived!

Thank god it wasn't bigger, because I definitely don't have earthquake insurance! Here is a report of what happened, and a funny story about people who went to see a late night showing of Transformers:

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