Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goya's Ghosts

OK, well Yosemite was a bit EXTREME to say the least. We hiked on Saturday for 7 hours, about the equivalent to 15 miles. 5 of those miles were completely vertical. This was the decision of the other people that I was with, and I was pretty much just along for the ride. I would say that at least 10 times during this particular hike, the words "hell.....HELL!!!" were running through my head. The weekend was worth it though, and I sent out pictures to most of you showing the spectacular views and sights.

On another note, below is a link to a film that I saw last month. My editor chopped this down from 400 words to 130 words, which I'm not happy about, but I guess they needed the space for advertising. Figures. This film was good, but I would wait until it comes out on DVD to see it:

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