Monday, November 20, 2006

9th Floor Please

As I have mentioned before, I work in the twin towers of Century City - two buildings that serve as a hub for many of the countries great corporations. Included in this list is Lifetime television network. Now we are lucky enough to work on the same floor as Lifetime television. What does this mean? Well, casting calls for one thing. My favorite days are those in which I go outside into the hallway to use the restroom and realize that a casting call for Lifetime is going on. People are out in the hallway fake crying, throwing fits, yelling loudly - it's awesome. I guess apparently too famous people come up to visit - and by famous people, I really mean once A list actors that are now looking to work for Lifetime. One day in the bathroom, a girl from the accounting department of Lifetime came in hyperventilating because apparently Jason Priestly was on the premises. My favorite thing about working on the same floor as Lifetime though, is the fact that Spike TV is also in the building. Every night, there is a Spike TV banner somewhere in the hallway when we leave for the night. My colleagues tell me that the janitors use it to take out the trash, but I secretly hope that there is some sort of rivalry going on between the two networks. How great would that be?

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