Sunday, August 27, 2006

Most Embarrassing Moment?

Have you ever been forced to answer the question "what was your most embarrassing moment?" I feel like this is something that is usually asked in a really annoying ice breaker activity. Until last weekend, I really don't know how I would answer that question. As I promised to report though, I absolutely humiliated myself at a wedding rehearsal last weekend during my bridesmaid duties. Luckily, when doing so, only one person saw - but I figured that it makes for a funny story.

Here's the scene - in the heart of Washington DC, in the land of preppie, I decided to dress accordingly in white pants, a white tank top, and a sear-sucker striped blazer. During the church rehearsal, I thought that it would be best to keep the blazer buttoned completely to the top- as it seemed like the right thing to do in a very established cathedral. To everyone's disdain, the church was getting hotter and hotter.... so as the events were ending, I decided that the blazer had to come off. As I unbuttoned my blazer though, I hadn't realized that my tank top underneath had fallen down to my waist!

That's right everyone - In the National Catholic Cathedral, the very same church were JFK was laid to rest, I flashed God. Luckily, since it was by accident, he openly forgave me. Please note that I posted a lovely picture of the bride and groom here instead to divert your attention from my embarrassing tale.

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